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Elton John's VHS (NTSC Only)

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(All my videos are in NTSC System)

New stuff on VHS!

921."Live In Australia 2002"(April 29,2002,115 mins.)-(1)
922."Live In Mexico City"(pro shot,2001,150 mins.)-(2)
923."Meldrum Tapes"(Australian-tv,rare footage,1986,62 mins)-(2)
924."Chart Count"(Australian-tv,1986,5 mins)-(2-3)
925."News 7"(Australian-tv,about the tour,1986,5 mins)-(2-3)
926."This Town + Cliff Richards Clip"(Australian-tv,1986,4 mins)-(2-3)
927."Countdown E.J. Special"(Australian-tv,Dec.14,1986,44 mins)-(2-3)
928."TV AM"(UK-tv,Sacrifice video,different,1990,3 mins)-(3)
929."Sky Channel Interview"(UK-tv,1988,16 mins)-(3-4)
930."Profile"(UK-tv,1987,6 mins)-(3-4)
931."Short Int. On Queen"(1986,2 mins)-(3-4)
932."TV AM"(UK-tv,EJ & Bernie,1989,24 mins)-(3-4)
933."Making Of Cry To Heaven Video"(UK-tv,1985,6 mins)-(2)
934."News On Ryan White"(UK-tv,1990,3 mins)-(3-4)
935."Interview"(UK-tv,from Australia,1990,1 min)-(3)
936."TV AM"(UK-tv,from L.A.,Aug.1990,34 mins)-(3)
937."Australian-TV Interview"(News,1986,4 mins)-(3-4)
938."Sacrifice Outtakes"(video,1990,rare,2 mins)-(1-2)
939."Say Goodbye To Norma Jean-15 Mins.Extra"(Docu. by Brian Forbes,1973,65 mins)-(1)
940."The Beat File"(Japan-tv,video & history,1994,50 mins)-(1)
941."Shea Stadium,USA"(video cam,Aug.21,1992,120 mins)-(3)
942."Elton & Billy In Washington D.C."(video cam,July 20,1994,301 mins)-(1-2)
943."Queen Jubilee"(UK-tv,I Want Love,June 2002,5 mins)-(1)
944."Pushkin Palace,Russia"(Russian-tv,int. + 8 songs,2001,60 mins)-(1-2)
945."Elton & Ryan Adams-CMT Crossroads"(USA-tv,9 songs + int.,May 26,02,45 mins)-(1)
946."VH-1 Moments"(USA-tv,docu,2002,45 mins)-(1)
947."Wedding Clip"(Australian-tv,1984,2 mins)-(2)
948."Selland Arena,Fresno,L.A."(video cam,Dec.7,2002,135 mins)-(2-3)
949."VH-1 Fan Club"(USA-tv,int. with EJ and some fans,2001,45 mins)-(1)
950."Live In Verona,Italy"(video-cam,May 25/02,76 mins.)-(2)
951."Verona Review"(Italian-tv,May 02,4 mins.)-(1-2)
952."Car Auction"(Italian-tv,June 6/02,3 mins.)-(2)
953."Songs From The West Coast Review"(Italian-tv,Sept.10/01,1 min)-(2)
954."Anteprima Festivalbar"(Italian-tv,int.,Sept.11/01,2 mins.)-(2)
955."EJ In Italy"(Italian-tv,int.,1992,2 mins.)-(3)
956."EJ/Clapton Tour"(Italian-tv,1992,2 mins.)-(2)
957."EJ & Hugh At St.Tropez,France"(France-tv,EJ/Hugh & Papparazzi,1993,1 min)-(2-3)
958."Elton In Belgium"(Belgium-tv,int.,4 mins.,Nov./00)-(2-3)
959."Elton Goes CD Shop W/Posh Spice"(Unknown country,1999,6 mins.)-(2)
960."Aschaffenburg Concert Review"(German-tv,1997,10 mins.)-(3)
961."Old Grey Whistle Test"(UK-tv,int.,1983,11 min.)-(3)
962."Good Morning Britain"(UK-tv,1983,19 mins.)-(3)
963."Good Morning Britain"(UK-tv,int.W/Sheila Dwight,1984,15 mins.)-(3)
964."Elton's Wedding"(UK-tv,News,Feb./84,23 mins.)-(2-3)
965."John Lennon's Death"(Australian-tv,short int.,rare,1980,1 min.)-(3-4)
966."Parkinson Show"(UK-tv,int.,not complete,1980,3 mins.)-(3)
967."The Last Resort"(Unknown country,He'll Have To Go & int.,1988,15 mins)-(3-4)
968."EJ & The Beach Boys In UK"(EJ on "Help Me Rhonda",rare,1972,10 mins)-(3)
969."Two Rooms-Promo"(Not for broadcast,1991,7 mins.)-(1)
970."Queen Elysabeth Jubilee"(UK-tv,I Want Love,June 02,5 mins)-(1)
971."Divas Live 99"(The Bitch...,Proud Mary,Written In The Stars,I'm Still Standing.Feat.Tina,Cher,Lean Rimes.1999,24 mins.)-(1)
972."Win A Trip To England"(Can-tv,1999,1 min.)-(1)
973."Good Morning America"(USA-tv,int. & Your Song,Nov.18/02,12 mins)-(1)
974. "American Music Awards" (USA-tv,Tiny Dancer w/Tim McGraw,Jan.13/03,6 mins)-(1)
975. "Jay Leno" (USA-tv,int. + Saturday Night's...,Jan.15/03,13 mins.)-(1)
976. "Sketch w/I Want Love" (USA-tv,VH1 Music Awards w/Eric McCormack,2002,2 mins)-(1)
977. "Can I Get A Witness"(Italian-tv,Live Aid 1985,complete version,5 mins)-(3)
978. "Whispers" (France-tv,1990,3 mins.)-(2)
979. "TRL-Mistery Guest" (USA-tv,Oct.2,2001,20 mins.)-(1)
980. "Steve Blame Show" (UK-tv,int.,1988,25 mins.)-(3)
981. "Dick James/Elton John Copyright Lawsuit" (UK-tv,Nov.1986,8 mins.)-(2-3)
982. "Will & Grace" (USA-tv,Elton on sketch,Dec.2002,2 mins.)-(1)
983. "Bravo Profile" (Docu, 2001, 49 mins. with ads)-(1)
984. "GQ Man Of The Year" (USA-tv,2002, 7 mins.)-(2)
985. "Le Zénith D'Elton John" (France-tv interview,Nov.1986,40 mins.)-(3)
986. "Two Rooms Special" (France-tv,1991,12 mins.)-(3)
987. "Téléthon 1990" (France-tv,Sacrifice & Whispers,1990,12 mins)-(3)
988. "France News" (France-tv,Duets album,Nov.14,1993. 10 mins)-(3)
989. "Les Années Tubes" (France-tv,int. + Something About... & Recover Your Soul. Jan.16,1998. 12 mins.)-(3)
990. "Palais Omnisport,Paris" (France-tv, Int.,1998, 4 mins.)-(3)
991. "Aida Review" (France-tv news, 1999,2 mins)-(3)
992. "Aida News" (France-tv, 1999, 2 mins)-(3)
993. "France Interview" (France-tv, 1995, 20 mins)-(2-3)
994. "Bergerac Concert" (France-tv, July 12,2001. 2 mins)-(3)
995. "Hit Machine" (France-tv, I Want Love. Nov.20001, 5 mins)-(2)
996. "Plus Vite Que La Musique" (France-tv, int., Oct.2001. 4 mins)-(2)
997. "CD D'Aujourd'hui" (France-tv, SFTWC album, 2001. 2 mins)-(2)
998. "Isabelle Boulay Special" (France-tv, I Want Love. 2001, 5 mins)-(1-2)
999. "France News" (France-tv, about Star Academy. 2001, 1min.)-(1-2)
1000. "Star Academy" (France-tv, medley & I Want Love + int. 2001, 12 mins)-(1-2)
1001. "Vivement Dimanche" (France-tv, Sorry Seems... w/Blue + int. 2003, 7 mins)-(1-2)
1002. "La Légende Des Voix" (France-tv, Sorry Seems... w/Blue + int. 2003, 7 mins)-(2)
1003. "France News" (France-tv, int. w/E.J. & Blue. 2003, 2 mins)-(1-2)
1004. "Hit Machine" (France-tv, I'm Still Standing & Sorry Seems... w/Blue. 2003, 8 mins)-(1-2)