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Elton John Miscellaneous CD


022. "E.J. REMIXES VOL.1" (1)  

- Nobody wins (long version,1981), Crystal (Disconet extended edit,1983), Act of war Part.5 (Wireless version,1985), Act of war Part.7 (1985), Wrap her up (Club mix,1985), I don't wanna...(Hopkins remix,1988), I don't wanna...(Prime cuts remix), Healing hands (Eltone mix,1989), Believe (Urban Turban version,1995), You can make history...(Acoustic with sitar,1996), You can make history...(Acoustic without sitar,1996)    


023. "E.J. REMIXES VOL.2" (1)  

- Recover your soul (Radio mix without vocal intro,1997), Bennie...(Main mix), Bennie...(Dub mix), Rocket man (VH1 mix), Rocket man (Perfect beat mix), Rocket man (Junior Vasquez Arena Club mix), Rocket man (Arena Anthem Dub), Written in the stars (Calderone mix), Written in the stars (Club mix), White Christmas (Solo mix), Friends never say goodbye (Remixed edit with BSB,2000), Tiny dancer (Almost Famous Dialog version), I guess that's why...(Remixed studio version with Mary J. blige)    


024. "E.J. REMIXES VOL.3" (12 versions of Rocket man)-(1)  

-Arena instrumental, Arena single mix, Riff dub, Riff dub with fade, Arena hard Anthem mix, Bonus beat, X beat dub, Original remix, Padapella, Hard Anthem dub, Tribal beats, Main pass edit.    


025. "E.J. REMIXES VOL.4" (1)   -6 versions of Don't go breaking my heart with RuPaul (1993) Sanchez club mix edit, Radio mix edit, instrumental, Runaway you better work bitch mix,Rubba dubba mix, together with a direct hits digital mix. -5 versions of Made in England (1995) -Juniors bug house mix, jungle mix, Big house dub mix, Assive house mix, Jungle dub.    


026. "E.J. REMIXES VOL.5" (1)  

-5 versions of Rocket man. Hani 12" mix, Hani 7" mix, Hani bonus beat, Hani original, Hani extended mix. -4 versions of your song. Vasquez single mix, Club mix, Marathon mix, Marathon dub.


027. "E.J. REMIXES VOL.6" (1)  

- The road to Eldorado, Someday out of the blue, The trails we blaze, It's Tough to be a god, Without questions, Friends never say goodbye, I'm still standing (extended remix,1983), Who wears these shoes? (extended remix,1984), Wrap her up (extended remix,1985), Healing hands (extended remix,1989), Song for Guy (Hot mix,1992), Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters Part.2 (Extended version,1988), Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters Part.2 (Self portrait mix,1988), Flame of paradise (Instrumental,1987),Choc Ice goes mental (1983)    


028. "FLIP IT OVER" (b-faces from 1976 to 1982) -(1)  

-Snow Queen (1976), Flinstone boy (1978), I cry at night (1978), Lovesick (1978), Strangers (1979), Conquer the sun (1980), White man danger (1980), Les aveux (with France Gall,1980), Tactics (1980), Steal away child (1980), Love so cold (1980), J'veux de la tendresse (1981), Fools in fashion (1981), Can't get over getting over losing you (1981), Tortured (1981), Take me down to the ocean (1982), Hey Papa Legba (1982)    


029. "MAKE A B-SIDE" (b-faces from 1983 to 1997. 2 cd set)-(1-2)  

CD1 Choc ice goes mental (1983), Earn while you learn (1983), Dreamboat (1983), The retreat (1983), Simple man (1984), Lonely boy (1984), The man who never died (1985), Highlander (1985), Billy & the kid (1986), Lord of the flies (1986)

CD2 Rope around a fool (1988), Give peace a chance (1988), Love is a cannibal (1989), Dancing in the end zone (1989), Medicine man (1990), Medicine man (with Adamski,1990), Suit of wolves (1992), Fat boys and ugly girls (1992), I know why I'm in love (1997), Big man in a little suit (1997)    


030. "I THINK IT'S GONNA BE A LONG LONG TIME"(Extended versions,2 cd set)-(1-2)  

CD 1 Are you ready for love (part.1 & 2,1977), Who wears these shoes? (1983), Passengers (1984), Heartache all over the world (1986), Flames of paradise (with Jennifer Rush,1987), I don't wanna...(Elton only & his piano mix,1988), Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters Part.2 (1988), Healing hands (1989)  

CD2 Understanding woman (1992), The man who never died (remix,1992), Song for Guy (remix,1992), Don't go breaking...(Moroder 12" remix,1994), Believe (Hardkiss mix,1995), Made in England (Junoir's sound factory mix,1995)      


031. "ELTONLY YOURS..." (2 cd set)-(1-2)  

CD1 Whatever gets you thru the night (with John Lennon,1974), Bad blood (with Neil Sedaka,1975), That's what friend are for (Dionne Warwick & friends,1985), Flames of paradise (with Jennifer Rush,1987), Through the storm (with Aretha Franklin,1989), I'm ready/Let's have a party (1989), The measure of a man (1990), Some other world (1992), Amen (1994), But not for me (1994), Someone to watch over me/Love is here to stay (1994), Chapel of love (1995)  

CD2 Little island (1995), When the money's gone (with Bruce Roberts,1995), I'm your man (1995), Red (1995), Live like horses (with L.Pavarotti,1996), Perfect day '97 (male & female version,1997), Perfect day (male version,1997), Abide with me (1997), 20th century blues (1998), Wake up Wendy (1998), Don't stop (1998)    

032. "THEN & NOW" (tv appearances 1970-1999)-(1)  

*BBC television broadcast,May 1970.

- Your song, Border song, 60 years on, Take me to the pilot, The greatest discovery, Burn down...

*An Audience with Elton John,November 1997.

-Don't go breaking...(with Spice girls), Abide with me (with The Black Dyke mills Band), If the river can bend, Song for Guy/Believe (with The Pet Shop Boys), The cooker song, Can you feel the love..., Come down in time (with Sting)

*Shania Twains Winter Brake,febuary 1999. -You're still the one/Something about the way..., Amneris' letter. *Rosie O'Donnell Show,March 1999. -Your song, Happy birthday, Written in the stars.      


033. "ELTON FOR GIANNI" (1995)-(1)  

-Into the jungle, Marching in Milan, Queen, Ain't life a bitch/A strong melody, Into the jungle (no voice), Marching in Milan (no voice), Queen (no voice), Ain't life a bitch, A strong melody. INCLUDES: *VH1 Fashion & Music Awards, December 3rd,1995. -Blessed, The bitch is back (with Tina Turner)      



-I fall apart, Is that you?, Memory of love, Don't trust that woman, Love is dangerous play, Paris, Let it shine, Love adventure. INCLUDES: *Hammersmith Odeon,December 24,1982. -Pinball Wizard, Blue eyes, Bennie..., Your song, Saturday night's...,Daniel, Crocodile rock, Don't go breaking...(with Kiki Dee)      


035. "THE DEMOS" (2-3)   -Philadelphia..., Border song, Lonely boy, Don't go breaking..., Snow queen, Last to arrive, Anabella Umbrella, Indian Maiden, Ducktail Jiver, Memory of love, Don't trust that woman, The cage, Ego, Wild love, Paris, Let it shine, Love adventure, Suit of wolves (not demo), Fat boys & ugly girls (not demo)      


036. "AIDA DEMOS" (Elton only,July 1999)-(1)  

-Another pyramide, How I know you, My strongest suit, Enchantment passing through, Trio (A step too far), Elaborate lives, Amneris' letter, Like father,like son, Easy as life, Written in the stars, I know the truth, Not me, The messenger, The gods love Nubia.      


037. "OUT OF THE BLUE" (tv appearances, 2000)-(1)  

*Grammy Awards,febuary 23,2000. -Philadelphia freedom (with The Backstreet Boys) *Nickelodeon,March 2000. -Eldorado, Questions, Can you feel..., Game, Crocodile rock, Someday out of the blue, Closing. *Tribute to Joni Mitchell,April 2000. -Free man in Paris. *Rosie O'Donnell Show,March 22,2000. -I know the truth, Someday out of the blue. *Today Show. Live from rockefeller Plaza New-York, March 31,2000. -Eldorado, Without question, Someday out of the blue, Circle of life, Crocodile rock.      


038. "BRITTLE AS A BIRD" (various live performances,1967-1992)-(1-2-3)  

-Snookeroo, Indian sunset, Lady Samantha, Levon, Honky cat, Grimsby, Sweet painted lady, Ticking, Imagine, captain Fantastic..., Too low for zero, Passengers, Will you still love me tomorrow, Goodbye Marlon Brando, The last song, Scarecrow.    


039. "THE RARITIES COLLECTION" (acetates,demos & covers.1968-1986)-(1-2-3)  

-Billy & the kids (demo,1986), Go it alone (demo,1986), I fall apart (demo,1986), Is it you? (demo,1986), Cry to heaven (unrelease mix,1985), Lady what's tomorrow (demo acetate,1968), Sarah's coming back (demo acetate,1969), There's still time for me (unreleased demo,1968), 60 years on (demo,1969), Indian sunset (demo,1971), There is still a little love (demo,1968), Rock & roll Madonna (demo acetae,1970), Sweetheart on parade (unreleased demo,1984), Son of your father (demo,1970), I need you to turn to (demo,1970), I saw her standing there (demo,1974), Whatever gets you through the night (demo,1974), Velvet fountain (demo,1968), Honey man (demo with Cat Stevens,1971), Chameleon (demo,1976), My baby love's lovin' (cover,1970), In the summertime (cover,1970), Tiny dancer (demo,1971)    


040. "HOGNUTS BLUES & OTHER OBSURITIES" (demo,unreleased & banned versions)-(1-2-3)  

-Anabella, Snookeroo, Lonely man (short), Lonely man (long), I saw her standing there, Saturday..., Lucy in the sky..., Philadelphia..., Ego, Timothy, Rollercoaster, Hognuts blues, Billy & the kids, Go it alone, Cry to heaven.      


041. "BITS & PIECES PART.1" (1-2-3)  

-Up the revolution, When the money's gone, 3 Diet Coke's jingles, Don't forget to remember, Tactics (demo), Chameleon (demo), Country comfort (demo), The greatest discovery (demo), The greatest discovery (Bernie), No shoestrings on Louise (demo), Flames of paradise (3 mixes), Lord of the flies, From Denver to L.A., Goaldigger's song, Ducktail Jiver, Wild love.      


042. "BITS & PIECES VOL.2" (1-2-3)   -Let it shine, Border song (demo), Where have all the good times gone (demo), Season of the rain, Baby I miss you, No man is an island, The bitch is back (King Biscuit), Basque, I feel pretty (live,1992), Billy & the kids (demo), Honey man (demo with Cat Stevens,1971), I fall apart (demo,1986), Is it you? (demo,1986), Indian sunset (demo,1971), Tiny dancer (demo,1971), Whater gets you throught the night (demo with John lennon,1974)      



-Grow some funk of your own, Billy Bones & the white birds, Hard luck story, Island girl, Feed me, Street kids, Yell help, Dan Dare, I feel like a bullet.

*INCLUDES: -Snookeroo (Ringo Starr demo,1974), Son of your father (demo), Holiday Inn (demo), The stranger (demo), Don't go breaking...(demo,1976), Snow queen (b-side,1976)      



-Amoreena (deomo,1970), Burn down...(demo,1970), Madman...(demo,1970), Western Rolling Union (demo,1970), My fathers gun (demo,1970), Where to now St.Peter (demo,1970), Country comfort (demo,1970), When day is done (demo,1970), Saturday sun (demo,1970), Sweet honesty (demo,1970), Way to blue (demo,1970), Shadows on the wall (demo,1970), Time has told me (demo,1970), It's yours (demo,1970), Tiny dancer (Old Grey Whistle Test,1971), All the nasties (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1971), Rock me when is gone (Budokan,Tokyo,1971)          


045. "I REMEMBER WHEN ROCK WAS YOUNG" (1968-1970)-(1)  

-Signed,sealed,delivered. Yellow river, Cotton fields, Natural sinner, Spirt in the sky, Travellin' band, I can't tell the bottom from the top, Young,gifted & black, Grooving with Mr Bloe (2 versions), Land of a thousand dances, Chicken feed, If you want to make a fool of somebody, Sugar,sugar, Doo di dog dad, Ja da, I will survive, Lola, Thank you for your loving, The cage, Easter song, Straight down the line, Smokey Joe, Mighty Mouse.          


046. "DICK JAMES DEMOS VOL.1" (1)  

-The tide will turn for Rebecca, Sitting doing nothing, When the first tear shows, Thank you for all your loving, Get out of this town, Tartan coloured lady, Angel tree, Turn to me, I can't go on living without you, 71/75 New Oxford Street, When I was tealby abbey, And the clock goes round, Regimental Sgt. Zippo, A dandelion dies in the wind, You'll be sorry to see me go, Come down in time.          


047. "DICK JAMES DEMOS VOL.2" (1)  

-When the first tear shows, Thank you for all your loving, Sitting doing nothing, Turn to me, Angel tree, 60 years on, The flowers will never die, Sing me no sad songs, In the morning, Where It's at, I get a little bit lonely, A dandelion dies in the wind, You'll be sorry to see me go, Tartan coloured lady, Hour glass, Taking the sun from my eyes.          



-Annabella, Reminds me of you, I love you & that's all that matter, Last to arrive, There is still a little love, There's still time for me, Sarah's coming back, Lady what's tomorrow, I need you to turn to, Son of your father, The tide will turn for Rebecca, Rock & roll Madonna, Grey seal, The cage, Rock me when is gone, Holiday Inn, I get a little bit lonely, Scarecrow, Velvet fountain.      



*Nick Drake Session (November 1968)

-When the day is done, Saturday sun, Sweet honesty, Way to blue, Shadows on the wall, You Can't deny that I'm you, I don't mind, Give me something to hold on, Time has told me, It's yours go out & get it. *Best of DJM demos (1968) -The tide will turn for Rebecca, When the first tear shows, Angel tree, Turn to me, I can't go on living without you, When I was tealby abbey, A dandelion dies in the wind, You'll be sorry to see me go, Where it's at, I get a little bit lonely, Hour glass, Taking the sun from my eyes, And the clock goes round, Regimental Sgt. Zippo.      


050. "TRIBE ALBUM PROMOTION" (Bernie Taupin,1987)-(1)  



051. "E.J. MISCELLANEOUS" (1-2-3)  

-Saturday Night's...(12-24-74), Your song (12-24-74), From Denver to L.A., Young giften & black, Interview, Take me to the pilot, Interview, Your song, Your song (Apple Pie bootleg), Levon (Aplle Pie Bootleg), Shades of Elton (interview,1995), Interview (1970's), Come back baby, Velvet fountain, Signed seaeled delivred, Act of war (part.1 to 6,1985)  

108. "PRIME CUT TWO LOW FOR ZERO" (Radio premiere in Canada,1983)-(1-2)

-Songs from album + bio.      


109. "WHTZ RADIO CHICAGO" (October 19,1988,40 mins.)-(2)

-Feature Elton on keyboard and call + interview.      


120. "THE BIG PICTURE-THE INTERVIEW" (Promo-radio cd with interview,1997)-(1)        


121. "STAN-VIDEO & AUDIO CD" (Elton & Eminem at Grammy Awards,2001)-(1)  

-Stan (Grammy Mix), Stan (Elton Echo mix), Stan (Elton only Mix), Stan (VCD video)        


122. "PROLOGUE" (Nick Drake Sessions,1968)-(1-2)  

-Saturday sun, Sweet honesty, Stormbringer, Way to blue, Go out & get it, The day is done, Time has told me, You get brighter, This moment, I don't mind, Pied Pauper.      


123. "THE BUNBURY TAILS" (var. artists,1992. Rare Cd)-(1)  

-We're the Bunburys (The Bee Gees), Bunbury afternoon (The Bee Gees), Legend of Xanadu (Dave Dee, Dozy,Beaky,Mike & Tich), Eyes (Kelli Wolfe), Ride Rajbun (George Harrison), Down on the street (Shakatak), Oakland stroke (Tony!Toni!Toné!), Fight the good fight (Eric Clapton), Everybody move (Cathy Dennis), The sun goes down (Level 42), Up the revolution (Elton John), Seasons (No hat moon)      


124. "SONG BOOK-TWO ROOMS 2" (Various artists sings EJ's songs)-(1)  

-Hey Lord (John Baldry), Breakdown blues (Bread & Beer Band), Turn to me (Pastic Penny), Country comfort (Rod Stewart), Border song (Aretha Franklin), 71/75 New Oxford Street (Mr.Bloe), Let me be your car (Rod Stewart), Don't let the sun...(The Three Degrees), Planes (Colin Blunstone), Candle...(Sandy Denny), Your song (Billy Paul), Philadelphia...(Esther Philips), Strangers (Randy Meisner), Sweet heart on parade (Judy Collins), Sorry seems...(Elaine Paige), The rumor (Olivia Newton-John), Sacrifice (Brenda Cochrane), Someone saved...(Walter Jackson), Elton's song (Tom Robinson)