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United Kingdom Compilation


0170. (1 DVD with interactive menu)

1- "I GUESS THAT'S WHY..." (Top of the Pop, 1983, 4 mins.) - (1)
2- "Kiss The Bride"(UK-tv,Top Of The Pops,1983,3 mins.)-(1-2)
3- "U.K. TOP 40" ("Nikita", 1985/86, 5 mins.) - (2)
4- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,1992,The One,1992,5 mins.)-(3)
5- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Simple Life from Atlanta,May/93,5 mins.)-(2-3)
6- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,True Love,Nov./93,4 mins.)-(2)
7- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing,Feb./94,3 mins.)-(2)
8- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Can You Feel...,June/94,4 mins.)-(2)
9- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Circle Of Life(1),1994,4 mins.)-(1-2)
10- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Circle Of Life(2),1994,4 mins.)-(1-2)
11- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Believe,Feb./95,4 mins.)-(2)
12- "Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Made In England from Paris,May/95,3 mins.)-(2)
13- "RTL Top Of The Pops"(UK-tv,Written In The Stars,1999,4 mins.)-(2-3)